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15.6" Gaming Laptop

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  • The visual performance of the MSI GL66 features a 15.6 144hz display delivering true-to-life, high fidelity images with a high refresh rate, smoothing out every movement frame-by-frame to ensure crisp and unblurred performance of your game. Good riddance screen-tearing!
  • MSI redefines power with the 11th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU processor, delivering peak performance capable of running on any game or application with ease.
  • The MSI GL66 is powered by a NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060, GDDR6 6GB, taking today's most popular games to new heights, as the developers intended them to be played.
  • The GL66 is designed to be thin, light, ergonomic and portable for gamers to carry anywhere for games, study or work.
  • MSI's exclusive Cooler Boost Technology ensures optimized thermal dissipation, featuring state-of-the-art fans and heat pipes getting the airflow you need for gaming.
  • Customize each key with per-key RGB lighting and view real-time in-game events displayed through the keyboard lights themselves, or even tune the keyboard to dance to your favorite music.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Velocitas
Great laptop at a great price!

I have been wanting a new laptop for a few years now, but they were always so expensive for what you get! I finally found this laptop though and for everything you get and for the price, it is simply amazing! My previous laptop was an MSI as well, but this one is even better - it's durable, great screen, love the light up keyboard and the keyboard feels nice, it's quick and snappy and it runs great playing computer games. The fans keep it cool and definitely move some heat - yeah, they are a little loud when they kick on, but it's nothing really bad for what they are doing! I've had MUCH louder laptops! I'm very pleased with the purchase and I'd recommend anyone looking for an all purpose (work, home, gaming) laptop to get this one!

Good laptop for the price, good for mining too

Trying to get a 3070 alone right now in 2021, it’s nearly impossible to get one under at least $1000 so getting this laptop at $1500 was a very solid deal. Could barely even build a pc for the same parts.I like to game with it and I mine on the side, getting about 50.5 MH/s after overclocks with 85 watts of power used so it is super efficient.It was getting pretty hot almost 90 Celsius at first but I bought a $25 laptop cooler + adjusted the fan curves and it significantly cooled to 71 degrees. not ideal but not bad at all. Also doing this made it fairly loud, its white noise to me so I don’t mind it, but might be a deal breaker to some.

Solid performance

It gets really loud when gaming, but it gets the job done. Unreal and unity projects load fast and able to run most my games on max settings (got kinda hot on warframe)

Money well spent

Great laptop for gaming and for affordable price , laptop not too bulky and very well designed.

High performance, nice graphics.

High performance, nice graphics. Overall very satisfied with purchase.