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Gaming Mouse - Matte Black

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  • SIZE & STYLE: Ambidextrous ultralightweight gaming mouse ideal for [MEDIUM to LARGE] hands. Built for speed, control, and comfort.
  • ULTRA FLEXIBLE CABLE: Our Braided 'Ascended' Cord is so light it produces a drag-free wireless feel.
  • MOUSE FEET: Our Glorious Skates are 100% pure Virgin PTFE that will glide like blades on ice
  • E-SPORT CUSTOMIZATION: 6-Step DPI, lighting effects, polling rate, lift-off distance, click/scroll speed, 6 buttons with macro support, and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Meis
Amazing mouse that is super fast and is packed with tech.

My son broke down all the things that this mouse has for a user. I was weary but after him showing me all the features I was blown away with how you guys came up with updating an old technology into something that is quite useful. Great job guys.

Great mouse for ok price!

This product is very great. It's light weight, easy to use, and high quality. The LED's in it show very well. The quality of it is the best and the software is easy to install. I had no damaged packaging, every thing worked great! The only problem was it is very expensive. Also many gamer buy this mouse thinking it can drag click. In fact it can drag click but you need good grip go hold it like tape or it moves. If you are buying this mouse intending to drag click I don't recommend. But other than that it is a very high quality great design mouse for any type of gaming!

Really good especially in the Minecraft department.

So far I'm pretty satisfied. I would've payed maybe 10 dollars less but still, I managed to drag click 20 cps, I'm not the best clicker either. It's really easy and good to jitter click on, I got up to 14 cps. It is slightly uncomfortable for some hands but for me It's really good. I also enjoyed the lightweight because I like to keep low sensitivity for gaming as to not mess up my aim in FPS Shooters and Minecraft PVP. The click sounds are also very good for asmr videos. The sensor is also really good, No problems there. The Scroll wheel is also very nice to use.

Best mechanical mouse yet

Best mouse for the price point. Super high quality and easy to use.You can change the debounce time which is really useful for butterfly clicking/drag clicking for Minecraft pvp for example.The skates also makes the mouse really good even without a mouse pad. The dpi settings are also easily customizable and the dpi button is well placed.Overall best mechanical mouse in my opinion.

Royal Oaker
Great looking mouse

This mouse is unbelievably light and has all the features you would expect. Very happy with my purchase.